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5 Stupid Things Karate Teaches You9:40

Gabriel Varga 31.466 views

Karate teaches you many good things (depending on the instructor). But it can also teach you some very foolish things. Today I list out 5 to make sure to aren't utilizing these striking errors. _______________________________________________________ Book Online Zoom Sessions (availability is always changing depending on my training intensity) πŸ’₯ Magnesium Supplement For Improved Sleep & Recovery Use code: Gabriel10 for a 10% discount! πŸ’₯ Diamond Cup ***Save 10% Use promo code "VARGA10" to save 10% at I'd suggest the Compression Jock Shorts combo with Cup included. πŸ’₯ XMartial Rash Guards & Shorts Discount code 10% Off: GABRIELVARGA πŸ’₯Custom Mouthguard Use promocode "Varga10" to save 10% at πŸ’₯ Massage Gun & Thermosleeve Use promo code "GABRIELVARGA" to save US$4-20 at πŸ’₯ Muay Thai body liniment. Athlon Rub. No colours or dyes. FDA approved. Product Link: Use promo code "gabrielvarga" to save 15% Here's some other videos you may enjoy! 8 Ways To Beat Pressure Fighters w/ Examples From GLORY Title Fight Varga vs Lerdsila | Full Fight with Gabriel Varga Commentary Flexibility/Mobility for High Kick & High Kick Drills Sprint Routine for Fighters How to Round Kick Like Buakaw How I Beat "The Poster Boy of American Muay Thai" KEVIN ROSS