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Alumbunaties - Ep 06 Breakup with Biriyani - Sitcom Series | Tamil web series- With Eng Subs26:31

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#Alumbunaties #Nakkalites #Hosteldays Today boys expecting some thing...some thing which they are very fond of... though they love it most ,still they wish it was dead! It may appears in bit and pieces but it completes their day... Vegans hates to eat... Non vegans love to heat! Boys spell it as BIRIYANI BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN biriyani itself fall as spell?let's watch For business contact: [email protected] To buy your favourite Nakkalites T-shirts: Direction Rajeshwar (INSTA ID : ) (FB ID : ) Script N Krishnakanth Cinematography Santhosh Kumar (INSTA ID : ) (FB ID : ) Editing . Kannan Balu (INSTA ID : ) (FB ID : ) Music Vivek Saro (INSTA ID : ) (FB ID : ) Sound Design Vikraman (INSTA ID : ) (FB ID : ) Photography & Design Mithun Asst.Direction Boobalan Gomathi Shankar Asst.Cinematography Sainath Barath Raj Elamparithi Choreography Yobu Lucas Production Manager Dinesh KR (INSTA ID : ) Kavi JS INSTA ID : ) In Association with DIVO - Digital Partner