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Roblox Funny Moment : BLOX FRUITS EPIC MEME Part 2 - Zed.Coldblade12:15

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▽ In a whimsical episode of "Blox Fruits", join Zed the Coldblade and Varus on a peculiar voyage across two distinct islands of the Blox Fruits map. As Varus steps ashore, he's met with a surprising sight - doppelgangers of himself, each more amusing and eccentric than the last. From a Varus with an uncontrollable afro hairstyle to one that speaks in hilarious rhymes, the misadventures are endless. Amidst the laughter, Zed and Varus must figure out who's behind these comical clones and the mystery surrounding them. Brace yourself for a journey filled with mistaken identities, belly laughs, and a dash of mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end! ▽ Subscribe Here: ▽ Subscribe Here: ▽ Thank for watching! Don’t forget to turn on notifications, like, & subscribe! ▽ Contact: [email protected]. #roblox #robloxtrend #robloxmemes Roblox Funny Moment,OBBY But You're On A BIKE,OBBY,roblox obby,games,gaming,funny,Moments,roblox,roblox funny,Roblox prison break,Funny Moment,roblox robber,brookhaven funny,brookhaven rp funny,lututu mugger,mugger,roblox juan,juan roblox,juan burger,roblox burger,roblox funny moments,memes funny,MEMES,MEMES ROBLOX,RobloxZed.roblox,Coldblade,ZedObby,Zed obby on a bike,Zed meme,Zed Funny moment,Zed Funny Moments,Zed Roblox