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Top 200 Funniest Rainbow Six Siege Moments 2018 (R6 Siege Funny Fails & Random Moments Compilation)14:53

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Top 200 Funniest Rainbow Six Siege Moments (R6 Siege Funny Fails & Glitches Compilation) Submit your clips here: I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS COMPILATION OF FUNNIEST RAINBOW SIX SIEGE MOMENTS,FUNNY FAILS AND GLITCHES. LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU WANT MORE R6S FUNNY MOMENTS IN THE FUTURE ✦SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! R6S FUNNY MOMENTS,FAILS AND EPIC MOMENTS R6S Playlist : PUBG Playlist: GTA Playlist: Fortnite Playlist: Battlefront 2 Playlist: ___ Follow me to stay updated on everything Twitter: Twitch: *Edited by NIRALTA ___ Songs in the video: -Jazz Comedy - Bensound -Epic Action Battle Music -Gee - Electroswing - royalty free music -Outro :Tomsize & Simeon - Loud Strings ___ CREDIT TO -Chicoriental -jp maldonado -DamianVA87 -Fade -Roadsand -JoJo -mos faras -kwayleb -Toxic Streams -The Hunter66 -Joe furry -Uncle Hacksaw -Pete Junior -Jake Takahashi -Assasin King -Josh Martinez -caleb Karr -Skully 247 -SALVADOR GAMES -Magic Yoshi11 -V ST -Davi-Box -Vincent Rojas -donutjonut -Reeces Pieces -Seth Cage -iProjektf -Sadock.Play -falco00p -Josh Hillman -Ostebob -EL Gabis 117 -Farhan Sabir -JoeJoeBinks ___ Extra tags : rainbow six siege funny moments, rainbow six siege random moments, r6s fails, kaid, nomad , operation wind bastion , r6s top 50 funniest moments, r6s team kills, rainbow six siege funny compilation, rainbow six siege wtf moments, r6s best plays, gaming funny moments 2018, rainbow six siege funtage, rainbow six siege hilarious, r6s epic kills, rainbow six siege epic plays, siege gameplay, rainbow six siege funny gameplay, funny team kills, Ward , Gamesprout , operation health , r6s thicc , how 2 , new operators