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I Built A Large Swedish Tank STRV 103 For My Son17:19

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#NDWoodArt #strv103b Play World of Tanks on PC now : New players will receive the following gifts : · Premium Tank: Cromwell B (Medium Tank) (British _ Tier 6) · 7 premium days · 250 000 credits · 10x rental battles offered to play the following Emblematic Tanks Tiger 131 (Heavy Tank) (German) T78 Tank Hunter) (US) T64 (Light Tank) (U.S.S.R) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to NDWoodArt! We're a father and son duo crafting stunning wooden cars that combine artistry with functionality. Join us as we showcase the bond of family love and the joy of woodworking. From intricate designs to flawless engineering, we create visually captivating and fully functional wooden cars. Subscribe now for a delightful blend of craftsmanship, family values, and the magic of woodworking. All videos: Subscribe: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter X: FanPage: Tiktok: Instagram: Reddit: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected]