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Let's Build the Internet's Biggest 3D Contraption Together!3:44:30

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Get $10 worth of render farm credits after your first $10 purchase! Win hardware from PNY this month! On today's livestream i'll begin to create my official submission for the #DynamicMachines render #challenge, where i'm challenging all #3D artists to create their best 3D contraption, which will be later combined to form the internet's largest 3D rube goldberg. Watch this to get started on your machine!: Join my Discord to share your work with other like-minded artists: CHAPTERS: TBD JOIN THE COMMUNITY: InstaGram: Twitter: SUPPORT THE CAUSE: My VFX Assets: Limited Edition Prints: MY RIG: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00GHz GPU: NVIDIA Quadro RTX a6000 RAM: 64GBs // (4) RipJaw Series V sticks Display: (2) 1080p 60Hz ASUS VP278H MY EQUIPMENT: Camera: Lens: 360 Camera: Lights: by Apeture Mic: #3d #contraption #challenge