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Pea Pea Had Trouble With The Pringles Vending Machine - Cartoon for kids30:57

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Four colors Pringles vending machine brings Pea Pea crispy chips and a big trouble. #peapea #cartoonforkids 0:00 Pringles vending machine 2:06 Four colors watermelon 4:33 Hot and cold coca vending machine 8:15 Pea Pea making slime 10:10 Pea Pea's Elemental friends 12:07 Pea Pea annoys his friend 14:05 Ice cream vending machine 16:00 Policeman Pea Pea 17:46 Golden mystery buttons challenge 21:28 Pea Pea fixes police car 24:51 Pea Pea catches the thief 26:47 Red vs Blue car competition For more episodes: ❤️ Pea Pea All Episodes: ❤️ Pea Pea's Toy Collection: ❤️ Pea Pea's Funny Challenges: Welcome to Pea Pea! Pea Pea is a funny alien from Mars. When in Earth, Pea Pea had many interesting experiences with friends. We hope Pea Pea's adventure on Earth will bring you moments of relaxation and fun. Thanks for watching!