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Finishing a Northwest summer - RIGHT! @DirtFish Snoqualmie WA9:13

David Kimball 292 views

Imagine a day with pristine conditions, a track to yourself, personal trainers - for a full day. The people at #dirtfish are amazing, living the dream (all be it 82 degrees out at this time...) - we love people born for the edge, and truly enjoyed the experience. This video features Steve Whitford and Mitch Fletcher my best friends through life's ups and downs. I had the pleasure of recording their adventurous day as well as my son getting his first look at his near future ;) #rally #pacificnorthwest #wrx #subis #dirt #mtsi #cars #snoqualmie #washingtonstate Music Credits::: 0:00 To War! - jo Wandrini 4:01 Battle Cry - Sons of Hades 5:53 Break the Barrier - Edgar Hopp Gear Used::: Ronin 4D Skydio 2+ Software::: Divinci Topaz AI