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Dank Offensive Memes Compilation #7110:24

The Dank Dealer 30.708 views

That's right fuckers, I am back with a yearning for vengeance! If you are not already aware this compilation has been available on Rumble for the last two days. I encourage all of you to migrate over there so we can share some actually offensive memes and have a bit of fun. I am currently working on making a twitter account for updates, same with an Instagram account. I will keep you all updated on that as new developments emerge. Anyway enjoy the comp, we should hopefully be getting back into the swing of things. Youtube is super gay when it comes to actually dank memes, if you want more dankness and actually funny and uncensored memes, follow The Dank Dealer on Rumble. Let's not be subservient to the Youtube overlords. Join the Rumble Page: -Dr. Dank