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STJ response to Philosophy Tube: Julius Evola and Cheddar Man rebuttal32:28

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In the video entitled "Steve Bannon | Philosophy Tube", Oliver Lennard uses a discussion I had with The Golden One as a case study in an argument about the right wing. First he accuses me of believing in a conspiracy theory concerning Cheddar Man, and later he attempts to mischaracterise the entirety of philosopher Julius Evola's contribution to the Traditionalist school on the basis of some misrepresented and cherry-picked quotes and assumptions based on the Wikipedia article (which was formerly more representative before New York Times tried to link Evola to Bannon in feb 2017 and then the page got an overhaul from the Ministry of Truth). This channel depends on your support: Patreon: SubscribeStar: Telegram: Crypto: Music: Wolcensmen, Gargoyle, Cefin Beorn, Simon Jacobs, Sjøhof, Amalec, Chris Zabriskie, Geographer,