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Houdini Algorithmic Live #119 - Homing Missiles & Lasers (Itano Circus)3:40:00

Junichiro Horikawa 155.052 views

This is a weekly tutorial live for Houdini to introduce some of the interesting algorithmic design process. I'm going to implement some simple procedural homing missiles / lasers and quickly render it with Eevee in Blender3D. I've also started a Patreon, if anyone found the video interested or helpful please consider supporting so that I can continue creating videos. [Project File] [Patreon] [Houdini Related Playlists] Houdini Algorithmic Live: Houdini Tutorial: Houdini Snippets: Houdini Tips: VEX for Algorithmic Design: [Portal Page] Facebook Page: [Books] Algorithmic Design Workbook with Houdini: Tiling Pattern with Houdini: Algorithmic Design with Houdini: Books on BOOTH: [Contact] Twitter: Instagram: #JunichiroHorikawa #houdini #tutorial