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Stupid Fail turns into Hilarious Rescue - KSP Career Playthrough 2646:43

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Now this is such an epic fail, or stupid fail rather, causing this rescue mission to completely go off the rails in this Kerbal Space Program career episode. At least we got an orbital rendezvous KSP style out of it! 🠴Join me to stay in the loop for more KSP stuff and general madness, Kerbal, space or otherwise!🠶 ▶ Twitter - ▶ Instagram - ▶ Facebook - ▶ Patreon - 🠴Interested in the vehicles I make in Kerbal Space Program? Check out my KerbalX🠶 ▶ 🠴Music🠶 "Tourist Trap", "Ambient Electro", "Layered Melody", "Kerbal Space Truckin'" and "Invictus Outro" (c) The ShadowZone "Jarvic-8", "George Street Shuffle" and "Space 1990-B" all (c) Kevin MacLeod ( ) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🠴HELLO everybody and welcome to the ShadowZone🠶 Here you can find weird and funny videos about Kerbal Space Program and other video games. In general, if you like space, space ships, space stations or any space related video game, this channel is the right place to be! I try to deliver you fascinating creations, tutorial and how-to videos about KSP and other video game content. I also compose my own music from time to time. Stay a while and join the shadowzone community by subscribing to my channel or following me on those social thingies up there.