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Funny and comedy moments in sports7:46

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Christiano Renaldo. yellow card. referees.Funniest moments in sports. Comedy & funny moments in sports. 0% luck, 0% skill. When Sports SHOCK the World !! The worst pass in history.High IQ moments in SPORTS !! Women's sports Music 1. Tobu Rollercoaster 2. Jazz in Paris, media right production 3. Sophomore makeout silent partner What does Ichiro doing? He steals the ball from another fan but finally gives it back This guy would do anything to get the ball Here is what happens when a baseball player loses his bat Here is the best fan of Christiano Renaldo. They hug for about 30 seconds When fans are angry This guy would win 1 million $ if he managed to kick the ball between the posts She doesn't like her opponents very much Amy Rodriguez She spent so much time just to open the umbrella I can't believe this NBA player miss that She probably needs to wash her hands after that Simona Halep lost his mind in a game against Svetlana She falls in love with this cockroach, but unfortunately, the ball girl didn't You got me twice but you're wont get three times Here's one of the funniest situations in soccer. Nobody wants to touch the ball because if If they do the ball will be out of the play Drogba tries to cheat The referee stops the doctor from helping his player and gives him a yellow card This fan doesn't want to return the ball He scores a goal with his teeth The quarterback doesn't know what to do here The light goes off when there is a possibility of a goal The worst pass in history They lost the game because of that fail He lost his cellphone Diving Max out Those inexperienced philippine divers got the worst performance in history when they got a cumulative note of 0 Like and subscribe in the next 5 seconds and you will get amazing luck for the week