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Spring boot 3 Keycloak integration for beginners | The complete Guide1:13:30

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#Keycloak #springboot3 #Java #WebSecurity #SSO #OpenIDConnect #OAuth2 #IAM #Tutorial #WebDevelopment Unlock the power of secure applications with this in-depth tutorial on integrating Keycloak, a robust open-source Identity and Access Management solution, with Spring Boot, one of the industry's leading Java application frameworks. 🎁 Spring Data JPA course: 🎁 🚀 COUPON Code: EARLYBIRD20 Source code: Don't Forget to =========================================== 💯 Free courses here: 💯 Subscribe to the youtube channel 💯 Join our Discord Community - 💯 Join our Facebook Group - 💯 Join our Instagram: Whether you're building enterprise-grade applications or developing personal projects, effective identity and access management is critical. Keycloak, with its comprehensive set of features like Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity Brokering, User Federation, and Fine-Grained Authorization Services, provides a solid foundation for securing your applications. Boost your Spring Boot applications' security to the next level by mastering Keycloak integration. This tutorial is perfect for developers of all levels eager to enhance their understanding of application security. Make sure to hit the 'Subscribe' button for more tutorials and guides on Java, Spring Boot, Keycloak, and more. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below; we'd love to hear from you! Table of Content: 00:00 Introduction 01:07 Course curriculum 02:35 Keycloak feature 06:05 Keycloak advantages 07:59 Keycloak terms 11:24 Exploring the documentation 14:37 Intall Keycloak 16:56 Exploring & Playing with Keycloak 33:56 Create new Spring boot project 34:52 Create a demo controller 36:09 Add security configuration 39:04 Add OAuth2 configuration 42:02 Test the chnages 44:28 Add roles support 49:26 JWT token converter 01:09:44 Test and debug 01:12:50 Outro