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Ghost Paavangal | Parithabangal17:00

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👻 Get ready to laugh and shiver at the same time! In "Ghost Paavangal," Parithabangal explores the hilarious and spooky antics of ghosts like you've never seen before. Ghostly hijinks, frightful humor, and lots of surprises await! Join us in this side-splitting adventure as we encounter a world where even ghosts can be 'paavam' (innocent) or not so paavam. The afterlife has never been this entertaining! ________________________________ #Parithabangal #ComedySketch #GhostPaavangal #HilariousHauntings #LaughOutLoud #paavangal #comedy #gosu ________________________________ Starring GO-SU Dravid Selvam: Camera Rio Editor Prakash: Thumbnail Kamal: Social Media AJAY : ________________________________ Follow our new channel : Parithabangal Shorts - Follow Us On Social Media PARITHABANGAL Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - APP - Youtube - ___________________________________ In Association with Divo : Website - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - _____________________________________