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Battle of Spercheios, 997 ⚔️ How to wage war on two fronts ⚔️ Basil II, the Bulgar Slayer (Part 3)15:03

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🚩 Basil had successfully stabilized the empire after the civil war, exacerbated by the conflict with the Fatimids in Syria. Samuel of Bulgaria took advantage of the situation to invade the Byzantine Empire in the west. Meanwhile, the Fatimids were preparing to push Romans out of Syria. Emperor Basil now faced a fight on two fronts against two formidable opponents. In this episode we will show the Battle of Spercheios (997 AD) and the Battle of Apamea (998 AD), as Basil tries to organize his army to stave off multiple incursions into Byzantine territory. 🚩 Basil II Playlist: 🚩 Support HistoryMarche on Patreon and get ad-free early access to our videos for as little as $1: 🚩 Big thanks to History Rhymes for collaborating with me on this video: 📢 Narrated by David McCallion 🎼 Music: Instinct - Bensound Impact Allegretto - Kevin MacLeod Crypto - Kevin MacLeod Epidemic Sounds Volatile Reaction - Kevin MacLeod #history #documentary #medieval