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USA Road Rage: Instant Karma and Car Crashes, 2023 | (610)8:00

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Welcome to our latest compilation of Road Rage incidents in the USA and Canada for 2023. Witness firsthand how dangerous and unexpected events unfold on the road with this compilation of Bad Drivers, Hit and Runs, Brake Checks, Instant Karma, and Car Crashes. Our video provides raw and authentic dashcam footage, giving a clear view of traffic incidents and showcasing why road safety should be everyone's priority. Remember, each incident we record is an opportunity to learn and improve our driving habits. Please note, all footage is shared for educational purposes, to raise awareness about the importance of safe driving. * Send your clips to [email protected] to get featured! * Visit and use promo code "DDSTV" -- to get a 1 year warranty, free shipping, AND 10% off!