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PRANK VIDEOS| STATUE PRANK VIDEO| this is our 165 video on this channel this is a prank video this video is made in front of a garment shop and the actor wear his costume and stand near a statue of the shop like a statue and throw water balloon on the public who walking on the footpath across the garment shop this is a scripted video and is made for fun and entertainment so please don't take it seriously Under section 107 of the copyright act 1976,allowance is made for"fair use"for purposes such as criticism, comments,news reporting teaching scholarship and research,fair use is a use permitted by statute that might otherwise be infringing non profit or personal use tips the balance in fair use prank prank video statue prank 2023 new statue prank statue prank statue prank video statue prank new statue prank fun statue prank funny statue prank comedy statue prank jokes statue prank mast statue prank India new statue comedy funny video comedy video new funny video #haso #statue_prank #prank #HASO AUR HASO Edit by :-maahabub alom Lead actor :-mohibul islam/ Imran Alom/rabua/mahabub alom SHOT BY: SOFIQUL ISLAM Licence:- creating common attribution (LICENSED ALLOWANCE FOR REUSE)