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A Mechanics Nightmare, the Ferdinand | Cursed by Design25:06

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Go to to stay fully informed on breaking news, compare coverage and avoid media bias. Sign up or subscribe through my link for 30% OFF unlimited access if you support the mission and find it as useful as I do. Many tank destroyers were built during the second world war. Of these several stand out as being extremely successful while others were nothing but failures. The Ferdinand/Elefant is an odd case as it fits into both categories. Stay tuned as we discuss the story of this infamous Porsche product. Social links: Discord: Twitch: Instagram: Twitter: Merch: Merch(Amazon): Sources: CIOS Final Report No. 153 Ferdinand and Elefant Tank Destroyer: The Combat History of German Heavy Anti-Tank Unit 653: Panzer Tracts 9 Jagdpanzer: Panzerkampfwagen VI P The History of Porsche Typ 100 and 101: AFV Weapons Profile 61 Elefant and Maus (+E100): Some photos from: Things I use: Camera: Editing software: Sony Vegas 17 PC Hardware: Recording Equipment: You can check out more stuff I use on my Amazon Store: Provided links are affiliate links which allow me to earn from qualifying purchases Want to send me something? ConeOfArc PO Box 305 Thompson, CT 06277 Or support the channel using Crypto: BTC- bc1qjs2fqh6zupnwzjhyd9kjvqfld728sqnea4r67s ETH- 0x5547e17113640c162Ded5B664155227058060C54 Thanks to my ConelyFans: ThatHusk Skoshi Steven G Maho Improvement Tube Pervitin Blue Knight Jan Ram. Dodge2727 Ivan Ivan Velazquez Limmy K COL BEAUSABRE Chrome-Chan but JJF Trkr Paul Walsh O D Sukoshi Tiger Yuk-Luen Man MetaDave Flying Pachyderm pompomchan Braňo Kohút Become one today and get a Cone badge next to all your comments as well as other spicy perks! Timestamps: 0:00 - 3:42 Intro 3:42 - 5:25 The Chassis 5:25 - 11:14 Design and Conversion 11:14 - 22:30 Combat Service 22:30 - 25:06 Survivors and Conclusion Some music provided by Epidemic Sound. License music for your videos without fear of copyright claims #ww2 #history #cursedbydesign