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David Lopez Most Watched Vines March/2017 Updated24:02

Most Watched Top Viners 1.111.332 views

Juanita loves Jesus? Tea Lopez, Brian Moreno, That Happy Family #MyCousinJesús "Do you know that Jesus loves you?" Austin Miles Geter, Brian Moreno #MyCousinJesús "First let me hop out the mower of the lawn" Nathan Boyce #TheLifeOfJuan I forgot to wash the dishes again. Nathan Boyce How I feel when my sibling eats my food. Nathan Elguera "Where is my nose?" w/ Evancredible, Josh Darnit #IGotYourNose People that talk with their hands. Nathan Boyce, Aaron Quintana, Brian Moreno,( Christian DelGrosso #Remake) "I work better alone" Josh Darnit, Thomas Rivera Favorite vine of 2014. "Is that a smoke detector?" Brandon Calvillo, Josh Darnit . Thank you all for the support in this amazing year! #2014 "Pokemon". Aaron Quintana, Nathan Boyce #pikachu (IB KingBach ) "Mister Steal your Grill" Brian Moreno, Nathan Boyce "You know why I pulled you over?" Marcus Johns, DeStorm Power, Klarity #OhJuan Fútbol Players. Joseph Strain Diego Bautista #RedCard #Soccer (inspired by KeyandPeele) Good Cop Mom Cop Joseph Strain Reading Teacher. Evancredible, Josh Darnit, Austin Miles Geter Juan is an excellent soccer instructor. Brian Moreno, That Happy Family That Is My Name. #VintageVine #TBT (Where it all started for Juan) The Phone Call. Uther Araiza #GranpaFell #DangitGrandpa My hood. Nathan Elguera, Aaron Quintana, Israel Santiago When my sibling tries to tell on me. #NoOneTellsMe #JoyfulNoise GUESS WHAT? 👶👪 Tea Lopez #iceiceBaby Sometimes bunnies are the best kind of protection. Thomas Rivera, Tyler Whitehead, Carlos Rivera #BunniesAreBetter "FBI open up!" Diego Bautista "Accidents always happen" Josh Darnit, Nathan Elguera When you recognize your buddy's shoes. Eh Bee Sometimes it's better to just hand it off. Austin Miles Geter, Josh Darnit #SuperBowl #Seahawks When your friends think they make "sick beats" Brent Rivera, Brice Rivera My hood. Josh Darnit #14Months When your friend doesn't make the countdown at the crosswalk. Josh Darnit (FX That Happy Family ) Juan has an eventful Saturday night. #ABurritoFlewAroundMyRoom #NoManches The life of Juan. #TBT #VintageVine JUAN CENA. Josh Darnit When there's too many cameras Josh Darnit, Brian Moreno, Aaron Quintana, Nathan Boyce "If you ain't talking tacos I don't wanna talk" w/ Josh Darnit #Remake #TheLifeOfJuan When you accidentally drop your keys in the trash. Klarity, Marcus Johns "I'm trying to read!" Anwar Jibawi, MelvinGregg BatJuan and Ruben. Episode 5 "No TRESpassing" Brian Moreno (IB David Avila ) My Hood. Cody Johns, Josh Darnit, Thomas Rivera Movies take forever to come out. Aaron Quintana (VO: Vincent Marcus ) #Summer2039 The almost Lady and the Tramp story. Tea Lopez, That Happy Family When you drop a Christmas ornament. Brent Rivera, Brice Rivera, Thomas Rivera #TheShame Grandma won't let you escape Thanksgiving leftovers. Brent Rivera, ( #ReallyGrandma by Klarity ) It's cute when couples match. Tea Lopez #LetsBeCute When you accidentally reveal your super powers. Aaron Quintana, Levy Elguera "Juanpire Diaries" Josh Darnit, AJMG, That Happy Family The Bully. w/ Brian Moreno "We could be Heroes" Josh Darnit, Aaron Quintana, Nathan Boyce, FX SuterVines When I try to beatbox. Marcus Perez Juan meets Aaron. #BaldPeople Nathan Elguera, Aaron Quintana "You get one phone call" Josh Darnit, SuterVines #thelifeofjuan Tortilla Down. Brian Moreno, Carlos Rivera #TBT #VintageVine "I got the Air Juans" (IB Jay Mendoza ) iPhone 6 Review with Josh Darnit . #DoesItBend? #iphone6 "You guys packing?" Josh Darnit, Brian Moreno How best friends fall down. w/ Logan Paul Some things are just more important. Brent Rivera #icecreamtruck Modern day horror film. Vanilla Gorilla, Aaron Quintana Deleted scenes from "Taken" "Grill on Fire" New hit single by Juan and Jesùs #ThisGrillisOnFire Brian Moreno High School Musical vs Reality. w/Kc James Landon Moss When your siblings get more gifts than you. Nathan Elguera #thatescalatedquickly The scariest thing in the world. Vanilla Gorilla #spider Piano Thug. Brian Moreno "Cruising down the street" Josh Darnit, Brian Moreno Caught. Aaron Quintana "I look just like my mom" Cody Johns #thelifeofjuan Hispanic moms can't give a simple answer. Vanilla Gorilla, Nathan Boyce #MyMom "Clean with it, Mop with it" Brian Moreno #HotFire We spotted a ghost in the woods! Tea Lopez #IHeardThisPlaceWasHaunted #ghost Packing for vacation. Tea Lopez "Tapatío with my Jordans" #TheLifeOfJuan #RiffRaff (inspired by Jerry Purpdrank) # "You have 5 minutes to save him" Matt Cutshall, Duck Leary "Did you catch that?" Brian Moreno, That Happy Family #thecriminal "Air Juans" Nobody likes Aaron. Brent Rivera, Aaron Quintana Juan "The Jet" Rodriguez. Daniel Mendoza #TheSandlot