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Dog TV Daycare #143:13:38

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Rescue/shelter dogs playing for 3 hours for your dog to watch! Dog relaxation and enrichment. It's amazing watching the dog body language in all the complex interactions. Your dog will learn valuable social skills such as how to give corrections, how to handle corrections, all the different play styles such as gentle/dainty, push/pull, rough and rowdy. Designed to avoid overstimulating your dog, but check how your dog reacts before leaving the video running (don't show this video to dogs that over-react). Your views provide thousands of dollars of funding for these animal shelter dogs! If you're looking to adopt one of these dogs (located in 🌡Tucson, Arizona USA 🌡), see the link below: 🐢🐢🐢 The Dogs, in order of appearance 🐢🐢🐢 Ozzy: A815074 Chandler: A807311 Zola: A816194 Zeus: A588659 Zia: A785983 Blue Bell: A815837 Dax: A815838 Patricia: A778148 Bee: A807341 Susie Q: A800790 Beyonce: A816960 Black Wolf: A747688 Tusa: A772775 Cinder: A782712 Peanut Butter: A817860 Jelly: A817861 Lexxie: A813368 Abbott: A812490 Nita: A807820 Doc: A753464 Ginger: A815745 Trooper: A810472 Carty: A811850 Finn: A817163 Mini Chop: A814829 Josephine: A811858 Oreo: A807525 Esbern (Griffin): A807261 Mahakala: A804573 Escandalosa (Essie): A786933 Bella: A816664 Django: A777970 Milo: A809942 Coraline: A813326 Hushy: A817590 Peppa: A808082 Tobias: A817305 Mellon: A734307 Lily: A816508 Leif: A817378 Havoc: A812506 Stanley: A798022 Riley: A733072 Mystic: A777187 Maverick: A812402 Saskia: A802467 Oliver: A812186 Blue: A801529 Dubai: A811426 Biscuit (Willy): A796311 Tyler Gibson: A796981 Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):