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You laugh you lose! Comments ENABLED AGAIN ALL OF THE ANIMALS ARE OKAY! For all the people who are commenting for the dogs and ducks getting injured: I would have never uploaded a video where any animal has gotten seriously injured. I have cut out the part where the ducks have peacefully stood up, and swam off happily into a river. Second, posting a video where ducks have been scrambled around by wind is not Animal Abuse. This also applies to the dog, Both of these are clips THAT I DIDN'T RECORD! Looking back at my video (2 YEARS AGO WHEN I POSTED THIS, AND HAD NO CLUE IT WAS GOING TO GO VIRAL) I realize that the animals should have been left out. Can we stop the hate please? :( Credits: These videos are not my Original Content, although the mashup of them all together is! Batman Season One 1966 - Batman Dance Dragostea Din Tei (Romanian Version) - O-Zone