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thanks for watching :) send me an email or dm me on twitter if you want your clip removed, or I missed credit, or I mistakenly used without your permission. ([email protected]) videos used: fanta chug lie rant falls down stairs potato in the oven creeper explosion get up fail in the classroom way too much tequila dog sits on other dog strange finger cup swing dog in a bag schedule stuck breaks desk spoon on a drill jesus on tiktok guy needs new chair fat cat woke up in a new bugatti fanta chug cat runs off treadmill bald slap skateboard fail nothing in the fridge pizza fail faucet rapid fire battleship cheater spoon flip plug comes out phone on fire cat falls over priest on a bike horseback riding fail kitten falls in drawer man steals cigarette bench PR accordian perfect raphael punching bag falls guy breaks his own headphones paper flamethrower girl spills her soup dog photographer wine bottle flip double billiard fail soccer goal dive dad takes a picture of the game dog in a stroller cat hiding in the wall Outro song: